Rotomoulage du sud


Acquiring over 20 years of experience in rotational molding. R.M.S boasts a wide variety of items that are tested and guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. We have been involved in manufacturing highly aesthetic consumer and point-of-sales products, agricultural and garden equipment, automotive and transportation components, toys, furniture, and materials handling equipment.

Rotational molding

Definition | Applications


Rotational molding is a process of transformation of plastics which main purpose is to manufacture hollow parts, open and closed from thermoplastic materials without gluing or welding.

Economic advantage

Unlike other processes, rotational molding brings real economic solutions with its low design and tooling costs.
Replacing wood, steel, and other materials by plastic rotational molded products will deliver cost reductions and will indeed help with your overall profitability.


Our strengths


RMS stays ahead of the competition by re-investing in the most technically advanced machinery. Our knowledge covers a wide range of simple and complex parts. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of garden furniture, agricultural, and materials handling equipment and much more…

Advanced technology

Rotational molding of hollow bodies of 15 to 25,000 Litres

Machinery fleet of latest technology

Significant production in small and medium series

Realization of simple or complex forms

Foaming PE and PUR.


Groups of skilled workers operating 24/24.
R.M.S assists clients from the conception phase of the project to the production and delivery of the final products.
Our rotational molding technicians will assist you throughout your projects and will bring you efficient solutions that meet your needs and your budget.